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segunda-feira, 24 de agosto de 2009

" Meu lugar no mundo ... "

2 comentários:

  1. hmmm ... think you've did a great job girl. Wish you so much of luck and courige. No matter what you feel during those sad moments when u thinking abt your children and family back in Brazil, always remember that you have got the biggest thing any person can ask for - LOVE. You have found the person who loves you with all your goods and flaws, the person who feels happiest man in whole world every time when he see your smile. Remember of the fact that you did such a big thing - made a someone happy, and do your best in efforts to make your love everlasting.
    Every man loves to see a smile of his beloved woman, so love him and let him see your smile often, bcs he will know how to apreceate your love ... GOOD LUCK ...

  2. Thank you, angel ... And, its true, now I have all I want and all I need. Because of you, Im living the most beautiful love history. Thanks fou your support, for your efforts, for your patience and love. Thank you, my angel. I love you.